Notice to Candidates

Advice and Information

Make sure you attend on time:

  • Know the date, time, and place of your examination and arrive before the scheduled starting time.


  • Pencil and paper will be provided. You may not lend anything to or borrow anything from any other candidate during the examination.
  • You must leave anything that you do not need, or that is not allowed, outside the examination room.
  • Do not bring any valuables, as the test center will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Examination instructions:

  • Listen to the examiner and follow the given instructions.
  • Listen carefully to the recorded questions and answer promptly.
  • Plan your answers carefully and be aware of the time limit for each question.
  • Speak clearly into the recording device.

Leaving the examination room:

  • You may NOT leave the examination room without the interviewer’s permission.
  • You may NOT leave your seat until all papers have been collected and you have been told you can leave.
  • Before leaving the examination room, you must leave behind any note paper and other materials provided for the examination.

Rules and Regulations

You must:

  • Provide a certified copy of your license and ID card, and an examination fee of 4,000 Baht.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices.
  • Place your personal belongings outside the test room.

Note: Candidates who do not switch off their phone or electronic devices, or who retain one in their possession, will be disqualified.

You must NOT:

  • Impersonate another person or have another person impersonate you.
  • Attempt to cheat, copy another candidate’s answers, or disrupt the test.
  • Use, or attempt to use a mobile phone or electronic devices during the test. Any candidate doing so will be disqualified.
  • Talk to or disturb other candidates once the examination has started.
  • Smoke, eat, or drink in the examination room.
  • Reproduce any part of the test in any format or medium. Any candidate doing so will have their test results disqualified and will be liable for prosecution.
  • Remove any materials used during the examination. This includes the MP3 recorder and the A4 papers.

Disqualification Warning

If you are caught breaking any of the rules and regulations, your test result will be disqualified and a notification will be sent to any receiving aviation institution.


  • Results are issued by the test center approximately 10-15 business days after the test.
  • Results may be delayed or withheld in the case where any of the rules and regulations have been breached.
  • Results are confidential, and BACPACT cannot provide results over the phone or fax.
  • If you passed the test, BACPACT will mail your certificate to your postal address.
  • If you failed the test, you must wait one month from your test date before reapplying. You must pay the full fee for each test.